Who are We

Who are We

“Fre{n}sh” is owned and managed by its two Partners.

Son of a high-end French Chef, Steven Cutajar was born and raised in Alpine region of France. His early contact with cooking, cheeses, patisserie, bread and good food created in him a passion and a respect for quality home-made food. With his pleasure for good & fresh products a passion for business and a vast knowledge of Customer Management, Steven always thrives to deliver and provide an excellent product to the Client.

Originating from Bretagne – where the ‘Boulangerie Traditionnelle’ is an everyday blessing – Vincent Cacho always had a passion for ‘le savoir faire’ of good traditional French food.
He brings experience and ideas in the area of management and also shares the love for good French Boulangerie & Pâtisserie.

The idea was simple – bring a taste of the French snack, also known as “Casse-Croute” to the Maltese Islands whilst keeping the true tradition of being served a Fresh & French product. Once Vincent & Steven had this idea in mind a concept was born. With the Fresh & French Bakes philosophy in mind, the idea was setting up nicely and name Fre{n}sh was born too… If it is Fresh & French, then it should just be Fre{n}sh!

Our mission was, is, and will always be a simple one; serve our Clients humbly by offering them mouth-watering fresh & French products.